Growth Of Agriculture Industry

Agriculture plays important part in development of a country. Not only agriculture helps feeding an entire country but it also helps industries based on agriculture called agro-based industries. In countries like India where share of agriculture is 70% of the total GDP of India, its very important for the goverment and the people who do agriculture to take proper steps for the growth of agriculture. There must be resources available for farmers to get proper agriculture guide. Hungry people can’t contribute in the development of country, so countries which face high level of poverty should be even more serious about bringing new technologies for advancement of agriculture. Government should try to make new technologies easily and cheaply available for the farmers to buy. Watering of crops is the most important part in agriculture and advanced irrigation equipments must be made available at low costs. Agricultural equipments help farmers to produce crops in much higher quantity. Various agricultural equipments like tractors, sowing machine, planting machine, harvesting machine, irrigation machines should be using latest technologies for highest food production possible. The rate at which world population is increasing, we can’t rely on traditional methods of farming which uses mainly manpower to feed the population. Still farmers in many underdeveloped countries practice thousands of years old traditional methods of agriculture resulting in poor output of crops and the countries are unable to feed their own masses. Farmers in these countries should be properly trained and made aware of the latest methodologies and equipments used for farming.

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