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How To Use Cooks Knives Safely

Cooking knives are dangerous. If you don’t use them properly, they can cut your skin and hurt you painfully. Cooking knives can be sharp or blunt, but they are equally dangerous. Blunt knives can slip and hurt you seriously. First of all, always buy knives with a good grip so that it doesn’t slip from your hands. Always buy cooks knives from ProCook to get best quality knives with excellent grip.

Keep knives out of the reach of children. Children may start playing with knives and cut themselves badly.

Always keep knives sharp. Blunt knives may slip while cutting and hurt you badly.

Don’t ever use rusted knives. They can cause serious infection if your skin is cut using that.

While cutting, don’t ever keep your hands and fingers close to the blade. Many times knives sleep and can hurt you badly.

Don’t ever put something in your hands and try to cut it with a knife. You are just looking to get yourself hurt.

Don’t ever put a knife into your mouth and try to lick something off it. Many times people put knives into their mouths trying to lick cream etc off it.

Secure the board on which you are cutting food. Board should have excellent grip so that it doesn’t slip and cause accident. Keep some material with great friction beneath it like rubber feet or wet towel.

If you cut yourself, wash the cut with water. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure. Put some anti-biotic cream and apply bandage.

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