Stress has some terrible effects on the mind and health. When you neglect to address your stress, you simply make it worse. The greater the stress level, the less efficient you get at the things that you need to accomplish each day. This can only come right back around to further raise the stress that you feel.


Addressing your stress isn’t hard. Most of the time, you don’t even need therapy. All you need to do is to take up things that come naturally to you. There is research that shows how everyday activities provably lower stress.


Get exercise every day


 If you feel stressed out, you should take a moment to wonder — does it come from the things in your life that you’re worried about, or do you have a stressed-out body that affects the way your mind feels?


Research does hold that the stress experienced by an out-of-shape body creeps into the mind. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. If there is such a thing as a runner’s high, it stands to reason that there should be a “runner’s low,” as well — the less you exercise, the more stressed-out you feel.


When you get exercise, it helps your brain’s chemical balance. Whatever your workload or other problems, a healthy brain chemical level can mean that you don’t actually dwell on it or feel it.


If you feel stressed, then, you want to find out if getting as much exercise as you possibly can manage, can help turn things around for you.


Investigate coloring books


Coloring books for adults are so popular today and sell so well, it is speculated that the publishing industry would be in trouble if interest in the genre were to fade. The activity of filling intricate drawings in with color has won over so many people, there’s a great deal of research on the subject today. There is considerable interest in what makes such an activity universally well-loved.


Apalon apps for Android, a popular source of coloring apps for adults, has found anecdotal evidence to support the belief that these benefits come not just from physical books, but from digital art, as well.


Making art, findings reveal, is immensely therapeutic. Coloring helps as a mindfulness exercise, the focus involved lowers the body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and there’s the simple joy of indulging in an uncomplicated pastime. It doesn’t matter whether it’s actual art or something as simple as coloring. It does help you.


Play a physical sport


Physical sports have an excellent capacity to lower stress. Only, part of this benefit comes from the exercise involved. Sports are a stylized form of confrontation, and there is risk inherent. In many people, indulging in physical risk-taking can be an excellent release that dramatically lowers stress. If you like a physical sport, you should be regular at it. You shouldn’t be surprised if it helps you feel much better.


Play with a child or a pet


Whether you have a young child or pet, the happy, focused interaction involved in some fun and games can be a wonderful release. It comes from the ability to such activity to release the hormone oxytocin, a chemical closely related to nearly every kind of positive emotion. You do need to devote at least a half hour to the activity, however, for the effects to kick in.


The takeaway is that there is plenty of scientific evidence in favor of activities that help you lower stress. If you believe the science, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and try something.

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