There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a brand new car off the lot. It smells great, it’s shiny and clean, and its pristine on the inside too. So, what’s the trick to keeping it that way?

You should make a commitment early on to take the best care of your car’s interior to protect your investment. Stained seats and dirty carpets won’t go a long way to impress a dealership when it comes time to trade it in, or a private buyer if you’re arranging a sale. You can buy a small trash can for your vehicle that sits on the back seat floor or hangs from the back of your passenger seat within your reach from the driver’s seat. Having a designated place for garbage will ensure trash doesn’t end up on the floors, in the back seat, in your cup holders or anywhere else in the vehicle.

You should also commit to emptying your car trash can regularly. This will help lurking odors from lingering in your car. Always removing gym bags, sports equipment and other, potentially smelly items can help maintain a fresh smelling car too. Also be sure that you regularly change out the air cabin filter to fight unwanted car smells. If pet hair is a problem in your car, try using a spray bottle to wet the hair, and a small squeeze to scrape it off of your seat surfaces. The hair comes up pretty easily and any that remains can be easily vacuumed.

Car interiors also collect dust. This can be cleaned first with a brush and vacuum cleaner to capture dust from car surfaces as you brush it away. Once you’ve dusted the surfaces, condition or polish them with an appropriate care product for vinyl, leather or cloth, depending on your car’s interior. There are plenty more tips and advice for keeping your car cleaning and deep cleaning when necessary at

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