Growth Of Agriculture Industry

Agriculture plays important part in development of a country. Not only agriculture helps feeding an entire country but it also helps industries based on agriculture called agro-based industries. In countries like India where share of agriculture is 70% of the total GDP of India, its very important for the goverment and the people who do agriculture to take proper steps for the growth of agriculture. There must be resources available for farmers to get proper agriculture guide. Hungry people can't Read more [...]
Cooking, Kitchen Appliances

Halogen Ovens

Now help your wives with cooking. Buy her an appliance which can help her cook food faster, easily and also more energy saving. Its called halogen oven. Halogen ovens are much better than microwave ovens. Halogen ovens use halogen bulbs which heat the container. Halogen ovens  also contain  fans which circulate the heated air inside the container. Temperature can be set to various levels and this new technology helps to cook food much faster and with great ease. Because halogen ovens cook food Read more [...]

Berry Pancakes

Yes, yes, yes – Pancakes again. I put myself in for a challenge: find the best pancakes in the world. You can imagine how much Stefan loves me for that. So I try as many recipes as possible and I will share all the good ones with you. So be prepared… I like this one a lot, because it uses frozen berries. I love all kind of berries and have suffered a lot lately with being stucked in a cold and berry-less winter. So using frozen ones is a nice way of answering my craving for blueberries and Read more [...]

Factors to Keep in mind When Eating Outside

Here are some different factors to keep in mind next time you are at the market and are not sure what foods to fill your cart with. • Vitamin “water”, 100% fruit juice, and “Healthy” energy drinks. The “healthy” beverage market has exploded in the last few years. Now beverage companies are even creating “healthy” alcohol and drinks with all sorts of claims from bone health to heart health. The important thing with these beverages is to look at the label on the back of bottle. Read more [...]

Buy Wholesale Nuts at Affordable Rates

Nuts are not only rich in taste but are also appreciated for their nutritious value. Rich in all types of vitamins, minerals and other necessary components, nuts are a perfect substitute to dietary constituents. Nuts are also useful in preventing some chronic diseases and support growth as they are a splendid source of protein. But wondering where to buy the best quality nuts at best prices? provides you the ultimate range of bulk nuts and dried fruits to choose from. Variety of best Read more [...]

Pasta with Prawns, Lemon, Chilli and Spinach

Recently, I realised that my public library has cookbooks and food magazines. I still don’t get how I could miss that for months, but ever since I’ve been heading over there, it’s just across the street from my office, during lunch, flicking through magazines and books. I always felt kind of bad buying new books and magazines all the time, having hundreds of recipes that haven’t been cooked yet at home, plenty of cookbooks that have rarely been touched and a 100 meter long ‘to cook’ list Read more [...]
Kitchen Appliances

How To Use Cooks Knives Safely

Cooking knives are dangerous. If you don't use them properly, they can cut your skin and hurt you painfully. Cooking knives can be sharp or blunt, but they are equally dangerous. Blunt knives can slip and hurt you seriously. First of all, always buy knives with a good grip so that it doesn't slip from your hands. Always buy cooks knives from ProCook to get best quality knives with excellent grip. Keep knives out of the reach of children. Children may start playing with knives and cut themselves Read more [...]

Pita Bread

After a long day at work, I wasn’t in the mood of cooking and standing in the kitchen for too long. So we had Chickpea Salad with Feta and Rocket. But I wanted to make something to accompany that. So I thought: Pita Bread with Cucumber Yoghurt would be nice. And it was nice. Very nice. And so quick and easy… I used to buy Pita Bread at the store and I have to admit that the home made one doesn’t taste that much different, but it is a lot more fun to see them puff. And it’s cheaper, too. Read more [...]

Pasteis de Nata

Back in Germany we had a nice tradition for Saturday mornings. We would get up early to go grocery shopping and on our way to the supermarket, we would stop at our favourite Portuguese cafe. We would grab a Galao, which is a Latte the Portuguese way, and a Pasteis de Nata. They are yummy littley pastries with vanilla custard. I didn’t think of them in a long time, but when I saw them on Deichrunner’s Kitchen, I had a flashback and an immediate craving. So I made them the next day and they Read more [...]

Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Pizza

There is this lovely restaurant in Hamburg, Ottensen – the neighbourhood we used to live in. It’s called Eisenstein and has the most amazing Pizza. I always struggled to choose between Fire & Flame, prawns, red onions, ginger and chilli and Dumb Goat, rosemary tomato base, goat cheese and crisp bacon. When we moved to New Zealand, I missed this kind of Pizza a lot. So I tried to figure out how to make it myself and came up with this recipe for Pizza with Prawns. Have you tried Read more [...]