Have you fallen into a workout rut? Have you lost the desire to head to the gym for the same old boring routine? Mile after mile on the treadmill coupled with an endless series of repetitions on weight machines can certainly result in boredom in a short period of time. The goal with every workout is to increase the heart rate, ramp up the metabolism and build muscle strength. These activities don’t need to be relegated exclusively to your local gym. Take these recommendations from the fitness professionals and get the same benefits of gym workouts by heading outside to the fresh air.

The first step is to invest in a pair of quality athletic or walking shoes. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and make a selection from the huge variety, quality and value offered by Sperry Topsider. Commit to taking a brisk walk each day for at least thirty minutes. Take along your earbuds and enjoy your favorite music or podcasts and enjoy the fresh air. Don’t focus on speed or distance, the goal is to develop a life-long habit. After a few short weeks, you’ll begin to feel a strengthening in your muscles, an increase in energy and motivation and you may well have the opportunity to meet a few neighbors along the way. Begin to introduce speed bursts into your walks by ramping up your speed every two minutes for three minutes and then returning to your brisk walking pace. The goal is to elevate your heart rate.

Add other outdoor activities to your workout mix. From gardening to kayaking, roller blading to bicycling, the goal is to add variety and workouts that test your muscles and elevate your heart rate. The more you enjoy a particular activity, the greater the chances are that you’ll be able to not only stick with it, but enjoy a more rigorous workout. Best of luck to you in discovering outdoor activities that can ramp up your outdoor workout regime!



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