It is important that you take good care of your toddler’s health. This will ensure that your child grows and develops well. This includes watching their dietary needs, safety and even clothing. Here are several ways you can go about it.


Toddlers are quite curious about their surroundings. As a result of this and the fact that they are mobile, they can easily hurt themselves. You can prevent this by childproofing your home. Keep away any sharp objects that can injure them or any small objects they can put into their mouths and choke on. Also, always make sure that there is an adult who is supervising them.

Variety of foods

Make sure to feed your baby a variety of foods. This is a stage when they are developing and acquiring tastes for new foods. The more healthy foods you introduce them to, the better since they will develop a taste for these foods.

Since they only consume a small amount of food at a time, it is important that you serve them several servings of food in a day. Avoid empty calories that come in form of sweets and junk food, since this will fill them up without providing them with any nutritional benefit. Serving various varieties of foods will see to it that they get the complete nutrition that they need.

Whole foods

Your child should eat whole, unprocessed foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

Dietary Limitations

There are various limitations that you should keep in mind while feeding your infant. This includes limiting their sugar intake and the amount of fatty and fried foods that they take. Also, give them foods which have low salt content. However, do not put a child on a low fat diet, since they need healthy fats for proper development.

Also, avoid foods which have preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings. These can make children hyperactive.


Dehydration occurs a lot in the cold months of winter. Give your child plenty of drinking water, so that they stay hydrated.


Ensure that your newborn gets the vaccines that they need. Make a list of what they need to be given and when, then set up a reminder 1-2 days in advance, so that you can make the necessary arrangements to take them for their immunizations. Also, ensure that they get their booster shots. Your child’s weight should be checked on a regular basis, to ensure that they are growing as they should.

Oral health

Teach your child how to brush their teeth and floss. Ensure that they see a dentist by the time they are two years old.  Also, minimize the amount of sugar they consume, so as to reduce chances of cavities occurring.


This is a very cold season, but you do not need to have your child wrapped up in a blanket the whole day. Dress them up warmly up in warm jackets or sweaters, gloves and hats. Also, cover up their feet with socks or they can put on infant shoes. You can buy these online from  Australian retailers. There are plenty of toddler shoes in Australia to choose from.

Since toes and fingers are prone to frostbite, it is important to keep these covered up well. If the weather is very cold, face masks and earmuffs will help to cover up the face and ears of the child and protect them from frostbite.

Also, feed your toddler foods such as almonds, cashew nuts and dates, since these are body warmers. Plenty of vitamin C will keep colds and flu away.




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