Summer is prime time for family fun. At the end of a long day of BBQ’s, pool parties, family functions and playdates, you will find that your little ones are sleepy and beyond ready for bed (and so you will be too!).

How should you dress your baby for those warm summer nights? Do I have to buy short sleeved pajamas? How do I prevent my baby from overheating?

At the end of the day, it is always best to follow your intuition and do what YOU feel is best for your baby. But if you’re looking for some tips on what your baby should wear to sleep in the summer.

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Space

You know your baby and their needs and specific preferences. Do what you can to make sure their room is set up to help them feel relaxed and ready to sleep. Help them feel comfortable and safe.

If you need to set up a fan or white noise machine or tuck them in with a lovey, go right ahead. If they have a preferred blanket, tuck them in with it. Invest in some blackout curtains to darken the room, letting them know it’s time to go to bed.

Also, make sure you set the temperature to a comfortable level. Experts suggest that 68˚–72˚F is optimal for the best sleep possible. If you’re somewhere that doesn’t have a digital thermostat, you can open a window or use a fan, but make sure that your baby’s crib isn’t right next to the window or fan.

Long Sleeved Footed vs. Short Sleeved Open Pajamas

Source: Little Sleepies


As the months get hotter, you may notice your baby getting a bit warm in their long sleeve, footed pajamas. It may be a good idea to switch over to short-sleeved pajamas to prevent overheating.

Another option is to find some bamboo cotton pajamas. The lightweight, breathable fabric allows for knee to elbow coverage while preventing potential discomfort. There are plenty of short sleeve options as well to satisfy every baby’s sleep preference.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Source: Ergobaby


One foolproof way to ensure your baby is comfortable during the night is to use a baby sleeping bag. Also called baby sleep sacs are designed to regulate the baby’s temperature and prevent overheating. Specifically made with arm holes to let the air circulate, you can use one in all seasons of the year by simply dressing them in weather-appropriate pajamas and then putting them in the sleeping bag.

Try any or all of these suggestions to help your little one get a great summer night’s sleep so that you too can have a good night’s sleep too.

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