Being detail-oriented is a good thing. You want to ensure that everything goes as planned, down to the smallest of details. The problem is that you could end up getting obsessed with small things, and you forget to see the bigger picture. It could happen when you plan a wedding. Therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t let your obsession with small details stop you from having fun.

Learn to let go

You have a vision of how your wedding should look. You already planned everything down to the smallest of details. It doesn’t mean that you should freak out or get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Be willing to let go when there are issues that you can’t deal with. For instance, if your favorite flower is off-season, there are other choices available. If your wedding venue has full reservations for the next several months, you can look for the next best venue. It won’t destroy your wedding if you can’t get what you want.

It could be a sign of a bigger problem

The reason why you obsess about small things might not only be because of your personality. It could also have something to do with the status of your relationship with your partner. If you have an underlying problem, you need to resolve it soon. You obsess about wedding plans as a way of avoiding confrontation or discussion of issues. You pretend that you’re too busy with the wedding so you don’t need to talk about your relationship problems. You need to deal with those problems soon before tying the knot, and before it’s too late.

You’re stressing everyone out

Don’t be a monster to your wedding suppliers and organizers. Even if you can afford to pay them, you shouldn’t make them feel stressed. It may also affect their performance. For instance, you can’t force your florist to look for a flower that isn’t available. You can’t force your caterer to cook a dish that isn’t on the menu. Even if they can do it, the taste might not be what you expect. Some of these suppliers might walk away at the last minute because of your attitude. If it happens, you will regret the way you treated everyone.

Take things slowly but surely

You will experience a lot of issues while planning the wedding. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the process. You will soon get married to the person you love. You will spend forever with each other. You have all the reasons to smile. Don’t ruin everything because of one small detail that you can live without. Besides, you have your partner to help you in the process.

Although you have to learn to let go, you need to be strict with one thing – the wedding photographer. You can’t settle for anything less. You need the best person for the job, like a popular wedding photographer Omaha couples use for weddings. You worked hard for this wedding, and the photos need to reveal your effort.


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